FAQs: Individuals

Does the Jump$tart Coalition conduct these training events?

Some are conducted by Jump$tart state coalitions; but others may be conducted by universities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, school districts, etc.—a wide variety of qualified entities.

If Jump$tart doesn’t conduct the training events, what is its role?

With the help of some its partners, Jump$tart created—and now administers—the training model on which these events are based. While each training event is unique, the model ensures quality and consistency in the content delivered.

How do I know if the training I’m signed up for an event that follows the Jump$tart Financial Foundations for Educators Model (J$FFE)?

A training event that follows the J$FFE Model will state that clearly in its registration and other materials.

How can we get a J$FFE training event in our area?

If you represent an organization that conducts teacher training—or wants to—check out the rest of this website and/or contact Jump$tart for assistance. If you are a teacher, talk with some of the organizations that host the training events you usually attend and encourage them to contact us.

How much does it cost to attend a J$FFE training event?

Since each training event is conducted by independent organizations, the cost to participate is set by those organizations and may vary based on region, sponsorship support, and other factors.

How long is the training?

The J$FFE Model requires users to conduct 18-24 instruction hours. The training event may be longer if the host organization incorporates other optional activities. Usually, the training event occurs over three to five consecutive days—but some organizations have begun to explore non-consecutive days and distance learning.

What type of credit will I receive for completing the training?

The professional development credit offered may vary according to local requirements and practices. Some J$FFE training events may also offer graduate credits. Please check with the training event organizers.

Which curriculum will this train me to use?

The J$FFE Model is designed to provide participants with a foundation of personal finance knowledge that will be applicable regardless of the curriculum or program you use, or the subject matter into which you are integrating personal finance education. In this way, J$FFE training events complement training and support offered by many curriculum providers.

I don’t teach personal finance. Is this training right for me?

Yes, this training is beneficial to any teacher who teaches personal finance, teaches a related subject, or wants to incorporate personal finance into any subject. The J$FFE Model content focuses on improving your own knowledge of personal finance so that you’re better prepared to teach financial content—or address finance-related questions—within any subject or at any grade level.

I’m not a classroom teacher; can I sign up for training?

Possibly, but it’s up to the event organizer.

Who are the instructors?

Host organizations are encouraged to utilize their own local experts, so instructors will vary from event to event. The J$FFE toolkit offers the host organization guidance on vetting and qualifying instructors/presenters. Financial professionals are prohibited from using these training events as a platform for promoting their own products and services.

After I complete this training, where can I continue my professional development?

Each year, Jump$tart conducts the National Educator Conference, which we feel is a perfect complement to J$TTA teacher training because it focuses on available educational resources and new developments in the field. Additionally, the J$FFE Model was designed to complement the training and conferences offered by our many partners and affiliates.

FAQs: Organizations

How much does the J$FFE s Model cost?

Nothing. The Jump$tart Financial Foundations is licensed to qualified organizations at no cost to them.

How long does it take to apply?

Not long. The online application is actually quite short and once we receive it, you should have an answer within 3-4 weeks. If you’ve provided all the information we need. What may take some time, however, is planning your event.

What support does Jump$tart provide?

The J$FFE Model is provided as a toolkit, which will give you extensive guidance on conducting your training event. Additionally, Jump$tart staff are always happy to answer questions and share insights. The event, however, is conducted by your own organization.

Does Jump$tart provide the instructors/presenters?

The J$FFE Model is designed for local and regional organizations to conduct training events utilizing their local experts and partners. The J$FFE toolkit offers guidance on selecting and vetting instructors/presenters.

How much does it cost to conduct a training event?

The cost will vary greatly, depending on the number of participants, the venue, and many other factors. The J$FFE toolkit will help you to anticipate the costs, but your actual budget will be driven by the circumstances of your event.

My organization is interested, but we don’t want to do this alone. Can multiple organizations apply together?

Yes. In fact, having at least one collaborator is required and having more is preferred. Generally, one organization would apply as the user, but many organizations can divide up the roles and responsibilities.

Why aren’t corporations and other for-profit businesses allowed to use your model?

Actually, corporations and for-profit businesses may apply to use the J$FFE Model, along with at least one nonprofit or government collaborator. (Keep in mind that all licensed users are required to have at least one collaborator.) Jump$tart developed its model to share with the education community at no cost and this step helps us ensure that the model will be used altruistically, and not for profit.

Once we’re approved, what do we receive?

Once approved as a user, your organization will receive online access to download the entire J$FFE Model as a toolkit.

Are there any limitations as to how we use the Jump$tart Financial Foundations Model or how often we use it?

When you apply, you will agree to the terms of the license, which outlines the privileges and restrictions. Generally, the license gives you access to the J$FFE Model for a full year, which you may use for one or multiple events. We ask users to re-apply each year to ensure that all users are accessing the most updated version of the model. It will remain free.