How it Works

  • Organizations interested in conducting teacher training events in financial literacy apply for a free license to use the Jump$tart Financial Foundations for Educators Model.
  • Upon approval and after agreeing to the terms and conditions, the organization is given online access to the model’s toolkit.
  • The toolkit includes an Event Guide and the complete learning modules:
    • Seminar 1: Global Economics and Personal Finances
    • Seminar 2: Spending and Financial Planning
    • Seminar 3: Saving and Investing
    • Seminar 4: Enhancing Your Earning Capacity
    • Seminar 5: Financial Services, Identity Fraud
    • Seminar 6: Manage Credit and Debt
    • Seminar 7: Risk Management and Insurance
  • User organizations plan and execute their own training events, with guidance and support from the Jump$tart Coalition.
  • Organizers utilize their own local or affiliated experts, sponsors and other resources.

User Commitment

  • Follow the Jump$tart Financial Foundations for Educators Model rules, terms, and conditions as prescribed—noting that significant customization is allowed and, in fact, encouraged.
  • Carry out a minimum of 18-24 instruction hours.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to deliver training.
  • Conduct pre- and post-training assessments and provide the results to Jump$tart.