Not a Teacher?

Not a problem!  J$FFE Online and the J$FFE Model were developed with classroom teachers in mind—as a way of helping them become better teachers than they already are by improving their knowledge of and comfort with personal finance topics.  But, since J$FFE is content-based learning—that is, it doesn’t train teachers in how to teach, but rather, focuses on raising their own level of financial literacy—it is easily adaptable to other adult learners.

You’re in the right place!

We think J$FFE Online is particularly well suited for:

  • Social Workers — especially those who work with youth;
  • Parents who home-school their children and any parents or guardians who want to offer financial guidance for their kids;
  • Camp counselors, scout leaders, youth program administrators, child care providers, school counselors and administrators; but…

Anyone interested in improving their level of financial literacy is welcome!

We do recommend, however, that if you are looking for educational programs suitable for kids and teens, that you search our online clearinghouse of financial education resources, instead, for something more suitable to them.   And, while J$FFE is quite comprehensive, it was not designed for individuals planning to work in a financial profession.

Ready?  Go to the online registration page now or go back to learn more about the J$FFE program.