Before you apply, ask yourself…


Is your organization interested in conducting in-depth teacher training (for a minimum of 18 course-content hours) in personal finance subject matter?

If yes, the Jump$tart will help you develop a training event using an effective, research-based Model.

Does your organization have experience in professional development for teachers, as well as conducting meetings and events?

Training events based on the Jump$tart Financial Foundations for Educators Model are more similar to courses in personal finance than conferences or seminars, so experience in professional development is important. Experience in handling the logistics of the event itself is critical too. If your organization doesn’t have this expertise; you can fill the need by partnering with organizations or individuals who do.

Is your organization willing to work collaboratively with sponsors, local subject matter experts, volunteers, and other financial literacy stakeholders?

Collaboration is a key element of J$FFE training events and is a required commitment to obtain a free license to use the Model.

Does your organization have the resources to conduct a multi-day event or committed sponsors willing to support the activity?

Since each J$FFE training event is unique, the resources needed and costs associated with each event may vary significantly. Before applying for your free license to use the J$FFE Model, your organization would do well to have a plan and draft budget in place.

Has your organization identified avenues to reach teachers and/or developed a plan for promoting the event to your teacher audience?

If your organization does not have a teacher constituency of its own, you might consider working with partners to reach the teachers likely to attend and to provide the incentives most valued by educators and administrators.