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Reality Check

Based on what you entered into the Reality Check form, the following jobs fall into this pay scale:

Just to give you an idea of what it would take to get a job in your price range, here’s the average hourly salary earned by level of education.[1]

  • $7.25 to $15.00 Minimum Wage (Varies by state and city)
  • $17.05             Less than a High School Diploma
  • $21.33             High School Graduate
  • $24.25             Some college, Associate Degree[2]
  • $35.80             Bachelor’s Degree
  • $41.53             Master’s Degree
  • $52.00             Advanced Professional Degree

Is it what you expected?

Or did you just get a Reality Check?

Reality Check serves as an educational tool to help you learn about real world living expenses and associated salaries within the work world. We hope that the results will spur you to learn more, and discuss with others like your parents, friends, teachers, and perhaps individuals currently in the job or career you have interest in.

Reality Check results will paint a pretty realistic financial picture; but keep in mind that the dollar amounts used for both income and expenses are based on national averages and may not correspond precisely to costs and wages in your region. Reality check is intended as an education tool and discussion started and should not be used as an individual financial planning tool. Sources include data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and are updated regularly.

[1] U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current 2022 Population Survey.

[2] Ibid., average wages of “Associate Degree” ($1005) and Some College, no Degree ($935).