Thank you for your interest in joining the Jump$tart Coalition! If your organization would like to become a Jump$tart Coalition National Partner, we encourage you to start by reviewing our Partner Information page. Contact our Director of Partner and Affiliate Relations to get your questions answered or just get started.  The information below will guide you through the Partner Application process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joining

How large does my organization need to be to become a Jump$tart National Partner?

There is no size requirement; however, to join the coalition at the national level, organizations must be national (at least multi-state) in scope.

 Why are local organizations not eligible to be national Partners?

Coalition partners share common goals and a state or local organization’s goals align more closely with those of our state coalitions. In support of our state coalitions, we direct these prospective partners and supporters to them.

I’ve just formed my organization/business. Is it eligible to join right away?

There is no specific length of operation requirement, but organizations must be “well established” to join the coalition — fully operational with initial programs underway, working collaboratively with other entities, and with some stability in your enterprise.

My organization does not have financial literacy products or programs.  Can we join?

Organizations that can demonstrate or explain their commitment to financial literacy, even without financial literacy initiatives of their own, are welcome to apply.

What kind of references do we need?

Jump$tart asks for at least one reference (two is better) from an entity with which your organization is collaborating — ideally, from a current Jump$tart National Partner organization or affiliated State Coalition   Your reference(s) should not be an employee or official of your own organization.

My organization’s application was declined.  Can we re-apply?

Yes. Often, an organization not accepted as a National Partner just needs a bit more time to get established.  Or, maybe we didn’t have all the information we needed  in the first round.  Work with our team or Partnership Committee on whether and when you should resubmit your application.

What happens after we apply?

Jump$tart’s national Board accepts new Partners at regular or special Board Meetings.  Soon after the Board Meeting, you will be contacted by a member of the Jump$tart team regarding dues and anything else we might need from you.  We’ll welcome you in our newsletter and then look forward to your involvement!

How can we get involved with Jump$tart other than joining as a Partner?

Thank you for your interest in the Jump$tart Coalition and your commitment to moving financial literacy forward!

“One of the most valuable things about Jump$tart is its ability to bring together a wide range of constituents interested in financial literacy. Whether you’re big or small, government or for-profit, or academic … Jump$tart represents all of us.”

- Ted Beck, retired President and CEO, National Endowment for Financial Education - A long-time Jump$tart Board Member who served as our Chairman for five years.