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Kentucky Jump$tart Speakers Bureau

Coming Soon:

Do you need a guest speaker to present financial literacy topics such as investing, budgeting, saving, financing, or insurance? Kentucky Jump$tart’s “Speakers Bureau” is a network of volunteers in Kentucky who wish to promote personal financial literacy within Kentucky school systems and communities. Jump$tart members offer their knowledge and expertise to guest speak on a variety of topics. To request a guest speaker use the contact information. Each volunteer of Jump$tart’s “Speakers Bureau” taps his/her unique talents to educate individuals about, advocate for, and grow support for personal financial literacy.

Members of the Kentucky Jump$tart Coalition who wish to have yourself or your company listed under the Speakers Bureau section of the website please email Vicki Blair. Topics must be of a personal finance nature and you must demonstrate some level of expertise on the topic. Please note that this is not a promotional or sales opportunity. It is an opportunity to provide education to civic organizations, schools, and community groups that seek speakers for their professional meetings or classroom.