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The Missouri Jump$tart Coalition has compiled the following collection of websites. Inclusion in this listing does not constitute an endorsement by the Coalition.


Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Missouri Council on Economic Education

Missouri LifeSmarts

Personal Finance Resources for the Classroom

College 101 Infographic
Be educated and informed. Forecast your financial aid with the FAFSA4caster calculator. Find out what percentage of students received federal financial aid in 2012 and see the results of an April 2013 salary survey. Use a calculator to estimate the size of your monthy loan payment and the annual salary required to manage that payment. Learn about the top 75 college destinations with a link to the College Destination Index. Identify some of the reasons students select particular colleges…and more.

Personal Finance Flash Cards
You will flip over this fun way to review personal finance concepts, whether you’re taking a class in schoolm preparing for the Personal Finance Challenge, or simply want to learn more about smart personal finance decisions.