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Get Involved

There are many ways organizations or individuals can become involved with the Coalition.

Attend a Meeting or Coalition Event

Check out our schedule of upcoming meetings and make plans to attend. Does your organization have space and/or technology to host a meeting? If so, let us know.


Join the Coalition

If you and/or your organization are actively engaged in promoting personal financial literacy amongst youth, we invite you to become a partner.


Support the Coalition!

The Pennsylvania Jump$tart Coalition is a charitable 501(c)3, nonprofit organization. As such, in-kind donations, such as the printing of promotional materials or hosting of meetings and events, are greatly appreciated. The Coalition also welcomes monetary contributions. Send us a message, and we can discuss options for providing in-kind or monetary contributions.


Make a Difference Locally

Both organizations and individuals can make a great impact at the local level. Here are just a few ways you can make a difference:

  • Financial Institutions: Volunteer to work with a local school or district to provide classroom presentations or teacher support.
  • Educators: Incorporate personal finance within your curriculum. Personal finance has been taught successfully to students of all ages and within many core and elective subjects. For more resources, go to Clearinghouse and search according to your grade and subject matter.
  • Policy Makers: Consider ways to incorporate personal finance education into your school’s curriculum and teacher professional development programs. Remember, you need not reinvent the wheel. The Pennsylvania Jump$tart Coalition can help you identify successful models.
  • Parents: Begin teaching your child about personal finance at a young age and continue to reinforce these skills. Need help?  Contact a partner organization or check out the materials in the National Jump$tart Coalition’s Clearinghouse.