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This is a self-guided learning opportunity which includes video and written content meant to be completed at your own pace.  This session will be available through December 2020.
Session cost: FREE
(Sponsored by: The CBM Credit Education Foundation, Voluntary Instruction Provided by: William Duddleston)

This session was recorded in May of 2020 by Professor Emeritus, William Duddleston.  This video series will provide you with a brief history of economic events starting in the 1990’s.  Professor Duddleston’s lesson provides interesting context and insight into today’s current economic conditions.

Below you will video links, along with media meant to be used in conjunction with the videos.  Professor Duddleston has graciously granted permission for use in your classrooms.

Lesson One: Short-term vs Long Term Interest Rates 1990-1995

Media Lesson One Graph


Lesson Two: Short- term and Long-Term Interest Rates 1995-1997

Media Lesson Two Graph


Lesson Three: Value of the US Dollar vs the Value of the Japanese Yen

Media Lesson Three Graph


Lesson Four: The Short-term Interest Rate in Japan vs US Short-term Rate

Media Lesson Four Graph


Lesson Five: Long-term Interest Rates vs Short Term Rates in the USA 1997-2001

Media Lesson Five Graph