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This is a self-guided learning opportunity which includes video and written content meant to be completed at your own pace.  This session will be available through December 2020.

SecureFutures Online Learning Programs

 We are excited to bring you an e-training on SecureFutures financial education resources.  This session includes an introduction to and coaching on their Money Path App and Personal Finance and Financia Planning E-Learning Program.

These programs are:

  • Offered at no cost to you
  • Designed for high school aged teens
  • Available to high school educators and community-based organizations
  • Provided with lesson guides and sample assignments

To provide a foundation for this online session, please view this welcome message from Kristen at SecureFutures:    (15 min)

Now that you have a basic understanding of SecureFutures, it’s time to dive into the two programs featured in this training.  Using the links below, you can learn more about both programs.

Personal Finance and Financial Planning E-Learning Program

  • What is it?  14 short modules covering personal finance and financial planning topics
  • How is it used?  Content can be watched, listened to, or read to meet the learning preferences of your students
  • Outreach flyer
  • Detailed outline of topics

Money Path App

  • What is it?  Browser-based app that connects a student’s personal Academic and Career Plan with personal finance and financial planning concepts.  Encourages students to compare and contrast a multitude of different paths that they can take after high school.
  • Outreach flyer
  • Demo video:  a brief overview of the app (4 min)
  • Student testimonial video:  feedback from students about the app (2 min)
  • “How to” video:  a detailed walkthrough for students (7 min)

Want to get started and gain access to these programs? Contact us here:

Have questions or want to learn more about SecureFutures?

FLIFEL would like to thank SecureFutures for their partnership and contribution to this online learning opportunity!  We’d also like to thank our generous sponsors the CBM Foundation and NextGen Personal Finance for ensuring we can offer online learning at no cost to participants.