If you’re involved with or concerned about students learning how to handle money successfully – you’ve come to the right place.Working together we can improve the financial literacy of Wyoming’s youth.

The Wyoming Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy is a nonprofit organization with more than 115 individuals and organizations representing business, government and education who have joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Wyoming’s youth.

Wyoming Jump$tart Coalition’s Mission:

  • To raise the awareness of and improve personal financial literacy of all Wyoming citizens

Wyoming Jump$tart Coalition’s Goals:

  • Build awareness for the need of financial literacy around the state
  • Participate in the biennial National Jump$tart Coalition’s Financial Literacy Survey of High School and College Students
  • Promote Wyoming Jump$tart throughout the state through various activities and events

The Wyoming Jump$tart Coalition is a proud affiliate of the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. The National Jump$tart Coalition, based in Washington, DC, was first convened in 1995 and consists of over 200 organizations committed to improving the financial literacy of America’s youth. For more information, visit their website at