What’s New

The re-designed Jump$tart Clearinghouse was launched in April 2023.  The redesign was generously supported by Jump$tart Sustaining Partner, the National Endowment for Financial Educati0n (NEFE).

Two new resource categories were added to the redesigned Clearinghouse: Advocacy Tools and Research.  Our updated Listing Criteria outline the requirements for submitting these resources.

Our long-time Clearinghouse Director Anne Bannister retired in August and the new Clearinghouse team will be led by Suzann Knight.

You can reach the Jump$tart Clearinghouse team at Clearinghouse@jumpstart.org or (202) 846-6780 and/or from theJump$tart Clearinghouse site.

Jump$tart Clearinghouse Disclaimer

All submissions are reviewed by Jump$tart Clearinghouse staff, which uses Listing Criteria as a guide in the selection of resources to be included in the database. Inclusion in the database does not constitute an endorsement of the materials and resource providers may not use this inclusion to imply Jump$tart’s approval or endorsement. Providers of approved resources have limited use of the ‘Listed on the Clearinghouse’ logo.

All submissions to the Clearinghouse are accepted at the sole discretion of Jump$tart, based on its review of the materials. Jump$tart reserves the right to decline a submission for any reason.  JumpStart does not critique unsuccessful submissions.

Jump$tart does not guaranty the accuracy of the information provided in these resources, the availability of these resources, or the user’s satisfaction with the resources.