Resource Submission Process

  1. Resource Providers create a User Account and then request a Provider Account, which enables them to submit new resources to the Jump$tart Clearinghouse.*
  2. Submissions are reviewed by the Clearinghouse team using the current Criteria for Listing.
  3. After review, the Clearinghouse team notifies Providers by e-mail.  If selected for listing, Providers will have the opportunity to review the listings for accuracy before they’re live in the Clearinghouse database.
  4. The Clearinghouse team will notify Providers of any decision not to list a resource with a brief explanation of why the resource does not meet our Criteria.  Please note, however, that we are unable to provide advice on improving resources not selected for listing.
  5. For resources listed in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse, Providers may download the ‘Listed on the Clearinghouse’ logo for use in conjunction with the listed resource.  Use of Jump$tart’s corporate logo is prohibited.

*For physical products and hard copy resources only: online submissions must be followed by sending one complete sample to: Anne Bannister, Clearinghouse Director, 612 North Main, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1029.

Jump$tart Clearinghouse Disclaimer

All submissions are reviewed by Jump$tart Clearinghouse staff, which uses the Criteria for Reviewing Materials as a guide in the selection of resources to be included in the database. Inclusion in the database does not constitute an endorsement of the materials and resource providers may not use this inclusion to imply Jump$tart’s approval or endorsement. Providers of approved resources have limited use of the ‘Listed on the Clearinghouse’ logo.

All submissions to the Clearinghouse are accepted at the sole discretion of Jump$tart, based on its review of the materials. Jump$tart reserves the right to decline a submission for any reason.  JumpStart does not critique unsuccessful submissions.

Jump$tart does not guaranty the accuracy of the information provided in these resources, the availability of these resources, or the user’s satisfaction with the resources.