Check Your School

Parents and Family Members: you can make a difference! Help us ask for financial education at your child's school. #CheckYourSchool

Parents, this is YOUR CHANCE to make a difference in your kids’ education.

Check Your School is a rallying cry for parents, teachers, and the community to help bring effective financial education to K-12 classrooms. Every child needs to learn about personal finance, but not all children are getting the education they need.

To change that, we need the “power of parents” to advocate for their kids. Jump$tart is combining the passion of parents with the talent and commitment of thousands of dedicated classroom educators and orchestrating support from across the financial literacy community.

We aim to bring effective financial education to every public, private, and charter school in the country, starting at the elementary school level and continuing through middle and high school.

Join us! Find out how you can help here:


Take action! Talk to your child’s school about the importance of financial education.


Take action! Learn more about bringing Financial Education to your school.