About Check Your School

The Jump$tart Coalition believes that financial education is critical to lifelong financial well-being and empowerment. We believe that financial education must begin in elementary school, when children are forming their habits and attitudes about money; that it must continue in middle grades as many young people are beginning to make independent financial decisions; and that it must be required for all high school students to prepare them for their lives as savvy adult consumers.

Financial education in our nation’s classrooms is our best opportunity to give all students the knowledge and ability they’ll need to manage their money wisely throughout their lives – but it is most critical for those students who cannot get this guidance at home.

If you believe that all students deserve financial education and you want to help… check your school! Start by checking with your school, your kid’s school, the school where you work, the school you support – to see if financial education is available. If not, the tools on this site can help you pitch the idea and help the school get started. And even if financial education is well established there or even required, our resources can help ensure the effectiveness of that education, through professional development, reliable resources, national standards, and more.

Check Your School is not a single product or program, but rather, a public awareness and engagement campaign designed to bring financial education to more schools, using a variety of educational resources offered by Jump$tart Coalition partners and others. By harnessing the “power of parents” to demand what’s best for their kids, utilizing the talent and commitment of thousands of dedicated classroom educators, and orchestrating support from across the financial literacy community, we hope to bring effective financial education to every public, private, and charter elementary, middle, and high school in the country.