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The AFSA Education Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary having been established in February 1990 as a nonprofit organization to heighten consumers’ awareness of personal financial responsibility. The mission of the foundation is to educate consumers of all ages on personal finance concepts and help them realize the benefits of responsible money management.


What we offer

In support of its mission, the AFSA Education Foundation developed MoneySKILL® in 2002 as one of the first online personal finance courses. MoneySKILL is designed to educate youth and adults about money management fundamentals and provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions. The course can be used as a stand-alone personal finance class or can be adapted for use within an existing class wherever personal finance might be covered.

The curriculum consists of 37 modules in English and Spanish and covers topics such as budgeting, savings and investing, credit, insurance, and more. MoneySKILL is available at no cost to educators, and the foundation offers regular teacher training and on-demand technical support. Since its inception, over one million educators and students have utilized a MoneySKILL course.

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What’s New

The AFSA Education Foundation regularly revises MoneySKILL content to ensure it contains up-to-date and accurate references, including a full curriculum refresh last summer. Additionally, they have recently developed supplemental “MoneySKILL Myth Breakers” resources here, highlighting the realities behind common personal finance myths.


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