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Who We Are

The National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) is the certified 501c3 charity for all of America’s credit unions. The Foundation works to ignite understanding and focus on member and employee financial well-being, inspire and create opportunities for credit unions to leverage their cooperative values and respond quickly when disaster strikes. Through cooperative support and action, the Foundation serves as a catalyst to improve people’s financial lives through credit unions.


What We Offer

The National Credit Union Foundation offers grants, programs and services to help credit unions such as:

  • Biz Kid$ – From the same producers as “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, how Bill Nye taught kids about science Biz Kid$ teaches kids about money and entrepreneurship. Biz Kid$ includes a TV show, curriculum and activities matched to each episode, website with resources, games and a blog and more. Learn more here!
  • Reality Fairs – The Foundation is a champion for Reality Fairs, an interactive financial education experience for students to help them learn the financial challenges they will face after high school. Credit unions oftentimes partner with local organizations to bring these experiences to schools and students. Learn more here!
  • Development Education Program – An opportunity for credit unions to help retain talent through the professional development opportunity for employees to learn credit union history, principles and philosophies. Learn more here!
  • Exploring Our Values – A free, self-guided online learning resource for credit union employees to teach the fundamentals of the Development Education Program. Learn more here!
  • CUAid Disaster Recovery App – A free app to help credit unions connect, report, prepare and donate in the face of natural disasters. Learn more here!

Find NCUF resources in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse here:


What’s New

The National Credit Union Foundation Celebration coming March 2, 2021!


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