The Jump$tart Coalition was founded on the belief that together, we’re stronger.  If you have time or expertise to share, here are some ways that you can get involved.

Anyone and Everyone

Parents, grandparents, caregivers, friends, industry professionals, public servants, educators, advisors and students, too—if you believe that more students, in more schools need effective, classroom-based financial education, Project Groundswell needs you.  If you have the ability to ask a question, you’re qualified to help!

State Coalitions

Most of Jump$tart’s affiliated state coalitions are operated entirely by volunteers, who serve as officers, committee members, administrators, fundraisers, communicators and more. Find the Jump$tart-affiliated State Coalition in your area and contact them directly with your interest in getting involved.

Partner Initiatives

While Jump$tart’s need for occasional volunteers is limited, many of our National Partner organizations operate programs that rely on volunteers to help. Please consider lending a hand to:

Please send your questions to these organizations directly, rather than to Jump$tart.