What is Financial Literacy Month?

Financial Literacy Month is a nationwide, collaborative endeavor marked by a variety of activities and events across the country and throughout the month. It’s when our community celebrates achievements in improving the financial literacy of all Americans – especially our nation’s youth. 

Every April, we celebrate Financial Literacy Month by honoring two individuals and two organizations that are truly exceptional in the Financial Literacy community. 

Congratulations to our honorees!


How did it start? 

Financial Literacy Month was started as Youth Financial Literacy Day by the National Endowment for Financial Education. NEFE brought it to the Jump$tart Coalition to promote among its more than 100 Partners as Youth Financial Literacy Month. Jump$tart was the original promoter of April as, simply, Financial Literacy Month (sometimes referred to as Financial Capability Month). Today, organizations across the country conduct events and initiatives to promote importance of financial literacy and the need for effective financial education throughout the month of April.

Help Us Share the Message

You’re here because you share our commitment to providing K-12 students effective financial education — and we thank you!  To help you promote financial literacy throughout the month, we’ve created some graphics and suggested social media posts that you are welcome to use. 

Centered around the 2024 Financial Literacy Month theme of “Inform, Inspire, Ignite” we are spreading the message that financial empowerment begins with learning, and teachers start the spark of learning that pays dividends. 

We have developed messages that our Partners, Affiliates, and other financial literacy stakeholders can use, as well as some for families, teachers, and anyone who wants to help.


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