Executive Committee

Jump$tart Board of Directors

Jump$tart Executive Committee: Mike Staten, Chairman; Vickie Bajtelsmit, Treasurer; Melanie Mortimer,  Committee Secretary; and Corey Carlisle, Vice Chairman.

National Board of Directors

Jump$tart’s National Board of Directors consists of National Partner organizations that represent the coalition and individual academic board members elected for their expertise in the field. Organizational and individual board members are elected to staggered three-year terms

  • Ally Financial – Jacqueline Howard
  • American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences – Lori Myers, Ph.D.
  • American Bankers Association Foundation – Corey Carlisle (Vice Chairman)
  • American Financial Services Association Education Foundation – Rhonda Ashburn
  • Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education – Rebecca Wiggins
  • Vickie Bajtelsmit, Ph.D. – Academic Director (Treasurer)
  • Bank of America – Wynne Lum
  • Charles Schwab Foundation – Casey Cortese
  • J. Michael Collins, Ph. D., Academic Director
  • Conference of State Bank Supervisors – John Ryan
  • Council for Economic Education – Nan J. Morrison
  • Experian – Rod Griffin
  • FDIC – Liz Ortiz
  • Federal Reserve Board – Laura Shipley, ex officio
  • Federal Trade Commission – Colleen P. Tressler
  • FINRA – Gerri Walsh
  • Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation – Susan Mason
  • Land Grant University and Cooperative Extension System – Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D.
  • H. Randy Lively, Jr. – Director Emeritus
  • National Association of Economic Educators – Julie Heath
  • National Education Association – Michael J. Kaspar, Ph.D
  • National Endowment for Financial Education – Billy J. Hensley, Ph.D.
  • North American Securities Administrators Association – Bob Webster
  • William E. Odom – Director Emeritus
  • PwC – Eileen Buckley
  • SIFMA Foundation – Melanie Mortimer (Secretary)
  • TransUnion – Julie Springer
  • Michael Staten, Ph.D. – Academic Director (Chairman)
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – Lori Schock,  ex officio
  • Visa Inc – Hugh Norton
  • Wells Fargo Foundation – Darlene Goins