Financial Literacy

Q. What is financial literacy?

While there is no single definition, according to the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education, financial literacy is: “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security.”

Q. What is the difference between financial literacy and financial capability?

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but most agree that financial capability encompasses financial literacy, as well as other influences on how a consumer manages money—including social and behavioral factors and access to financial services.

Q. What is Financial Literacy Month (or national Financial Capability Month)?

Financial Literacy Month is a national observance held every April, which evolved from Financial Literacy for Youth Day, introduced by the National Endowment for Financial Education. Jump$tart was the first to promote Financial Literacy for Youth Month and later, simply, Financial Literacy Month. (Learn More)

Q. How many states require financial education for students?

Jump$tart Coalition national partner, the Council for Economic Education, publishes its Survey of the States every other year, which outlines state requirements in financial and economic education.

How Can I Help?

Q. How can I get involved in the financial literacy effort?

If you can help us ask for financial education at your own kids’ school or any other school that you’re involved with, Project Groundswell needs you! Or, learn other ways to get involved.

Q. Does Jump$tart need volunteers?

We really appreciate the offer, but due to the nature of our organization, we don’t often need volunteers. Check out our “pitch in” page to find other ways to get involved and some of our partners who might be able to use help.

Q. How might I make a donation to support your work?

Here are the details along with a great big thank you from us!

Q. Do you need speakers for Jump$tart Coalition events?

Generally, Jump$tart uses presenters who are representatives of our national partner organizations; however, we’re happy to consider other ideas. If you do a presentation that you think might be suitable for our National Educator Conference, please contact us and share the details.

How Can I Get Help?

Q. I’m having financial difficulties and don’t know where to turn. Can someone at Jump$tart advise me?

We’re sorry to hear that, but no. Jump$tart is a financial literacy advocate and does not offer advice or assistance. A number of our national partner organizations offer consumer assistance and we encourage you to visit their websites.

Q. I need to teach my kids about money, what do I do?

We’re pleased to say that, today, there are many places where you can get tools and ideas. Search our online clearinghouse of financial education resources—including many that are suitable for use at home and many that are free. Follow us on social media @NatlJumpStart for news, information and commentary. And check out the websites of our many partners.

Q. Can you help me find a speaker for my meeting, class or event?

Jump$tart does not operate a speakers’ bureau, so we can’t secure a speaker for you, but may be able to offer some direction. For classrooms and local events, the state affiliate in your area may be able to help. For national events, consider someone from one of our national partner organizations. If you’re looking for a speaker from Jump$tart, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We never ask a speaking fee; but may require travel expense reimbursement depending on your location.

About the Jump$tart Coalition

Q. Where is the Jump$tart Coalition located?

Our headquarters office is in Washington, DC. (Address below.) If you’re coming to visit us, please note that while our address is on Connecticut Avenue, the entrance to our building is on K Street, adjacent to the Farragut North Metro Station and about a block from Farragut West.

Q. Is there a Jump$tart near me?

Jump$tart has affiliated state coalitions in 49 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, so chances are that we’re serving your area. Keep in mind, however, that our state coalitions are mostly grassroots, volunteer-operated organizations without their own physical locations.

Q. Where can I learn about job opportunities at Jump$tart?

We appreciate your interest, but Jump$tart operates with a very small staff at the national level and with mostly volunteers at the state coalition level. Since job openings are infrequent, we post openings only as needed.

Q. How can I obtain the Jump$tart curriculum?

Jump$tart supports the programs and resources offered by our many partner organizations and, therefore, we do not have a financial education program or curriculum of our own. You can find curriculum from our partners at

Q. Is Jump$tart involved with “Read for the Record” and early childhood education?

No—but we think they’re worthwhile pursuits. You might be looking for Jumpstart: Children First.