Partner Information

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy brings together more than 100 like-minded, nationally focused organizations to work collectively and collaboratively to move financial literacy forward, especially among preschool through college-age students.  Jump$tart Coalition National Partner organizations come from many sectors — business, finance, education, nonprofits, academia, government, and more.  The Jump$tart Coalition was formed in 1995 on the belief that together, we have the resources, expertise, diversity, and reach to achieve our shared goals more efficiently and effectively than any one organization could accomplish alone.

“One of the most valuable things about Jump$tart is its ability to bring together a wide range of constituents interested in financial literacy. Whether you’re big or small, government or for-profit, or academic … Jump$tart represents all of us.”

- Ted Beck - Former CEO & President National Endowment for Financial Education