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Who We Are

Are you passionate about helping people with their money so they can improve their lives? If so you’re in the right place.

The mission of AFCPE® is to ensure the highest level of knowledge, skill, and integrity of the personal finance profession by certifying, connecting, and supporting diverse and capable professionals who serve communities worldwide. For over 35 years, AFCPE® has set the highest standards for the field of financial counseling, coaching, and education.


What We Do


AFCPE® knows the best financial advice considers more than just dollars and cents. AFCPE® certification programs humanize personal finance by helping you better understand how diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences impact money behaviors.

  • Accredited Financial Counselor® (AFC®) – The AFC® certification program is guided by research, rooted in academia, and supported by industry experts. It provides you with the knowledge and experience to meet individuals and families where they are, help them build a strong financial foundation, realize their goals, and achieve lasting financial well-being.

  • Financial Fitness Coach (FFC®) – This program is both interactive and experiential,  providing you with the skills and techniques to build upon your financial foundation and support clients as they make lasting financial behavior change.


Not just another networking opportunity, AFCPE® Membership is the place to find your people.

AFCPE® Members are diverse in experiences but like-minded in purpose. As part of the community, you’ll problem solve similar struggles, share new perspectives and talk best practices with those who share both your passion for helping people and your demand for excellence. Membership also provides you with free professional development webinars, discounts on training and certification, and access to tools and resources that support your work and your career.

Professional Development

  • Money Management Essentials – Rooted in the core competencies of the AFC®, Money Management Essentials is a 10-hour course that provides a firm financial foundation – for you and those you serve. A great stepping stone to AFC certification!

  • AFCPE® Annual Symposium – Every November, the AFCPE Symposium brings together a diverse and inclusive community of personal finance professionals. You’ll make new connections and share research and ideas to help empower and impact the individuals and communities that you serve!

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What’s New

AFCPE COVID-19 Response: Free Financial Counseling and Coaching

Thanks to the generosity of the Wells Fargo Foundation and partnership of the Yellow Ribbon Network, AFCPE® certified financial counselors and coaches are now offering unbiased and fully confidential virtual financial counseling and coaching sessions – free to individuals and families who are struggling with the financial implications of COVID-19:

Financial Inclusion Essentials

A new self-paced online course for financial counselors, financial coaches, disability service providers, and others who want to learn more about building the financial well-being of people with disabilities. Developed in partnership with the National Disability Institute.

Connect with AFCPE

AFCPE® is constantly growing, using your feedback to adapt programs, creating new ways to connect, and expanding their resources to help you make a bigger impact.

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