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By Andree’ Taylor, SVP, ESG Program Manager- Financial Stability, Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Many parents believe that a college education is out of reach for their child. They worry about a wide range of issues such as the affordability of schools, whether they’ll qualify for loans and have the resources to make college a reality. Even small college financial hurdles such as housing deposits or the costs of commuting have the potential to derail a college education, which is why Bank of America’s Better Money Habits® program is releasing a new Paying for College toolkit later this month.

At Bank of America, we are committed to building financial know-how. Whatever our clients’ backgrounds and ambitions, we offer education and advice that empowers them to build their preferred future. We’re committed to providing extensive, personalized support to help people gain the knowledge they need to make confident financial decisions.

Better Money Habits® is a free, financial education platform connecting people with tools, resources and education necessary to take control of their finances. Since 2013, Better Money Habits® content has reached consumers more than 3.5 billion times.

By providing informative resources and objective & actionable guidance, Better Money Habits® supports people of all life stages, backgrounds and ambitions in becoming more financially resilient. Through this educational platform, Bank of America is empowering people to make informed and confident decisions at every step of their financial journey.  It’s one of the ways they help to advance economic mobility.

More than 6,000 of our employees also deliver in-person guidance and advice in communities around the country. These Better Money Habits Volunteer Champions learn about the people we serve, then help them learn about personal finances and how to achieve their individual goals.

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One of the best investments for students is an investment in their educational future.  This includes going to college, which is one of the most important decisions parents will make for their child.  It can also be one of the most expensive.

In order to help students and parents prepare for college, Better Money Habits® will launch its new Paying for College toolkit at the end of October.  This toolkit includes resources that will help students and parents understand the financial aid process and types of loans available, anticipate the cost of college and ways to save for it, and how to pay for college while attending and after graduating.

The Paying for College toolkit is just one of the many ways Better Money Habits® connects people with the tools, resources and education necessary to take control of their finances.

For more information about Better Money Habits and the Paying for College toolkit, please visit If you are interested in hosting a Better Money Habits session to bring these skills to your students virtually or in-person, you can send an email to

Andree’ Taylor
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