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By Nancy Goodman, Executive Director

We want to solve the student debt problem by helping families avoid borrowing too much in the first place!

College Money Matters is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that high school students and their parents have the information they need to make informed decisions about choosing and paying for college before they borrow.  Our website and YouTube channel are reaching over 1500 viewers a week.  We hope that you will find this a useful resource and link to us on your teaching and counseling materials.

Getting ahead of debt
To achieve this objective, we have done extensive research on the causes of debt; these include some things families might not expect – like taking more than 4 years to graduate, not including a financial safety school in their applications, borrowing an amount that’s inappropriate for their career choice, and simply not understanding the math.

We continuously work with high school students to understand what they need to know and how they like to learn (videos, quizzes, games, short scannable articles).  To get an idea of how this works, check out our Student Loans 101video, our page “Is there a right amount to borrow?” or our simulation game College Crossroads.

Free and open to everyone
Here’s the best part: students, parents, mentors, teachers, and counselors can use this site absolutely free.  There are no advertisements, and they do not need to provide personal information to access the content.  College Money Matters relies on donors and sponsors for funding.

Relevant content, targeted audience
It is challenging for students to find the information that is relevant to them.  Many sites cover every possible option or eventuality which makes the information they provide hard to absorb. Or they try to address multiple audiences, sometimes even including college graduates. College Money Matters contains only the information that high school students need now, so they easily find what they need.

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Our new site was launched in September based on feedback from high school students from around the country.  We have just created a Spanish version using google translate.

Here are some highlights:

Optional semi-monthly mailings
We have also created a series of Timely Topics for Juniors and Seniors which are free to anyone who signs up.  Click here for some examples.

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