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Currently, 44 million borrowers collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. With that number only expected to rise, now is the time to teach our youth healthy financial habits.  LifeCents is a financial wellness company that empowers people to acquire the knowledge, build the habits, and gain the confidence they need to make smarter everyday decisions. Our wellness platform helps people—including youth—become financially aware, savvy, and engaged from a young age. LifeCents provides each user with curated content, personalized action plans, and connects users to relevant real-world products and services that can help them achieve financial security.



  • Curated Learning Modules: LifeCents’ curated learning modules cover a variety of financial topics that are relevant for all ages, including youth, and cover such topics as budgeting, opening a bank account and the importance of credit scores.
  • Personalized Guidance: LifeCents provides each user with a personalized path to help them achieve their financial goals and our AI engine adjusts as users go through different changes in their financial life.
  • Engagement: LifeCents engages with users through gamification features like badges, sweepstakes, challenges and achievements to ensure users are engaged and progressing through the platform.



  • Reporting: For educators, LifeCents’ robust reporting portal gives an in-depth view on program performance, outcomes and engagement. Users also have real time visibility into their progress and performance. The LifeCents Financial Health Report (FHR) provides a detailed summary of each participant’s progression on personal goals related to specific topics and towards improving their financial IQ, Habits, and Mindset.
  • Community messaging: Through the LifeCents platform, admins (such as educators) can now send messages to users to help them stay connected and keep them engaged with their personal finances.
  • Profile personalization: Users can now personalize their profile by uploading their own avatar photo.



LifeCents is helping the youth get financially fit! With curated learning modules and personalized guidance, @LifeCents can help youth build and maintain healthy money habits.