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Who We Are

Troutwood is a financial service and technology company operating out of the Carnegie Mellon University Swartz Center.  The company designs and develops investment education and financial planning tools intended to help individuals learn to invest with understanding. Retirement in America has changed from employer directed to employee directed.

“My students at the University of Pittsburgh are graduating into a world where nearly unanimously, they are responsible for self-managing their retirement plan – 401(k) or Roth IRA are two popular options,” says Gene Natali, CEO of Troutwood. 

Troutwood is seeking to prepare and help students plan for this change.  The company founders have a combined nearly 40 years of working with large institutional investors in America including some of the largest retirement plans in the country.  They have a deep understanding of what this change means, and the importance of students learning early on that they will be responsible for their financial future.


What We Offer

  • Troutwood Map is an interactive investment education and career exploration tool where students can explore individual companies, indices, entrepreneurial stories and geographic regions.
  • Troutwood LIVE is a podcast series designed to teach students how to prepare and plan for their financial future. Guests from companies that comprise the S&P 500 join LIVE weekly. The show films live from 12:00 – 12:30 EST on Wednesdays and show recordings are posted to the Troutwood YouTube channel.
  • Troutwood APP: (Financial planning Application, with career, location and investment exploration features), AppleGoogle Play
  • Troutwood BSH:  (An investment education game) Apple,  Google Play


What’s New

The Missing Second Semester by Gene Natali

The Missing Semester addressed the “Money 101” conversation for high school and college students. The new, Missing Second Semester is the second book in the series and builds upon the “Money 101” fundamentals covered in the first book. It addresses “investing 101” for high school and college-age students and focuses on the topics and first investment choices that many young people are faced with.


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Gene Natali, CFA
CEO & Cofounder | Troutwood