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Who We Are

Working in Support of Education (W!se) is a leading national educational nonprofit with a mission to improve the lives of young people and at-risk adults through programs that develop financial literacy and readiness for college and the workforce. Based in New York City, our initiatives transform the lives of Americans across the United States. We are spearheading a national effort to empower people, especially the underserved, to lead lives of financial well-being, succeed in college and excel in an increasingly competitive global workplace.

W!se manages the New York Financial Literacy Coalition, the New York State affiliate for the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.


What We Offer

At the heart of our offerings is a family of financial literacy initiatives, comprising Financial Literacy Certification for high school studentsCertification in Personal Finance for educators, and MoneyW!SE for survivors of domesticviolence. These programs differ in scope and target audience, but all share a common thread – the administration of our standardized assessment of personal finance knowledge, and a certification for those who master the subject matter.

  • Financial Literacy Certification: W!se’s Financial Literacy Certification program helps high school students become financially literate before entering college or the workforce. Schools participating in the program teach personal finance during school hours and then administer our national standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test. To support instruction, we provide professional development and resources. Students passing the Certification Test become Certified Financially Literate (CFL™). This certification, approved by state departments of education, is evidence that students have acquired the knowledge and skills for future financial success. W!se offers teachers and schools recognition based on students’ performance on the Test. Our highest accolade, the annual ranking of the “Wise 100 Best High Schools Teaching Personal Finance” is the first ranking of its kind in the country.
  • Certification in Personal Finance for educators: This Certification is for secondary school teachers of personal finance. Teachers who pass the Test earn a Certification in Personal Finance (CPF) and receive a CPF certificate — a national credential demonstrating proficiency to teach personal finance.
  • MoneyW!SE for survivors of domestic violence: MoneyW!SE provides low income women and domestic violence survivors an opportunity to become financially literate through a 12-week course on personal finance. The Course culminates in the MoneyW!SE Financial Literacy Certification Test. Participants who pass the standardized Test become Certified Financially Literate, a credential that helps them at their jobs and search for work.

Find W!se resources in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse here:


What’s New

  • Recognizing the unprecedented challenges schools face from the Covid-19 pandemic, W!se developed a virtual proctoring solution for schools which allows schools to administer our Certification Test using video conferencing technology, while students take the Test at home.
  • The 2020 “100 Best W!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance” ranking was announced in April at a virtual ceremony sponsored by Voya Financial®. Hurley High School from Virginia was the top-ranked school. Guest speakers included John Pelletier, Director, Champlain College and Dr. James Lane, Superintendent, Virginia Department of Education.
  • In August, we held a virtual ceremony to celebrate the student winners of our 2020 Financial Literacy Ambassador’s Award. The inaugural ceremony featured Dr. Carly Urban, an Associate Professor of Economics at Montana State University.


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