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By Jessica Pelletier, Executive Director

FitMoney is a philanthropic nonprofit providing free, unbiased financial literacy programs to empower K-12 students with critical life skills for a financially fit future.  FitMoney provides a variety of free and accessible financial literacy programs to meet students, educators, and caregivers where they are learning.  Starting in kindergarten, FitMoney provides financial literacy programs that start before financial habits are formed.


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

Research* shows that financial behaviors and habits are formed in children by age 7, making it critical to start financial literacy early, and reinforce yearly.  FitMoney designed a robust, unbiased K-12 curriculum “for teachers, by teachers” to ensure educators could easily integrate financial literacy into their classrooms.  To meet the needs of remote learning and the demand for financial literacy in youth development organizations, FitMoney now offers several digital courses that meet students and families where they are learning.

K-12 Curriculum
Our in-school program includes five to six standards-aligned courses per year for elementary grades (K-5), flexible case studies for middle school, and a full semester class for high school. Lessons are tailored to grade level and family conversation guides are available for parents every step of the way.  Preview the curriculum here. Teachers and schools can receive the full, unbiased curriculum for free by requesting an Educator Account here.

FinanciallyFit Online Certificate
Through self-directed learning via short videos, we offer high school certifications in English and Spanish, as well as junior certifications for grades 3-5.  Learning about paychecks and taxes, payment types, student loans and compound interest, these digital tools can be completed independently via the website or assigned within an LMS platform with a FitMoney Teacher account.  For additional digital coursework, our STEM Business Plan design challenge gives tomorrow’s STEM middle school (6-8) leaders the opportunity to think critically and create solutions for current issues.  Visit here for more.

K-12 At Home Learning
Our at-home courses can be completed anywhere and allow students to engage in financial literacy learning outside of traditional classroom settings.  The elementary curriculum focuses on key concepts and lessons from basic financial principles to easy conversation starters.  Middle school builds on financial principles with case studies and sample units investigating money management. And high school develops key financial concepts with relevant applications for banking, decision making, and investing.

*“Habit Formation and Learning in Young Children,” Dr. David Whitebread and Dr. Susan Bingham, University of Cambridge, May 2013

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What’s New

  • Investing in tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, leaders, and workforce requires starting financial literacy in kindergarten.  FitMoney is launching an interactive learning program targeting K-6 youth.  Learners join the FitMoney $upersquad on their budgeting, borrowing and savings journeys.  Meet the Team here and join them early next year in your classrooms, living rooms or local youth clubs and associations.


  • FitMoney is excited to virtually convene leaders and educators who share our mission of empowering K-12 students with critical life skills for a financially fit future. Join us for free at this year’s FitMoney Financial Literacy Symposium on November 17, 2021, from 3-6 p.m EST. Our sessions will be led by curriculum experts, FitMoney teachers and financial partners.  This Symposium will offer educators a chance to learn about financial literacy education in grades K-12, build a case for financial literacy education at their schools and organizations, and collaborate with colleagues and experts from around the region.  The program will highlight special initiatives and projects including the Financially Fit Certificate and introduce all parts of the K-12 curriculum with pacing guides and standards-aligned planning support.  We’re thrilled to welcome keynotes from Dr. Jennifer Price, Head of School at Buckingham Browne & Nichols and Ed Steinborn, CFO of Wellington Management  Register Here for this Free Symposium


  • In our home state of Massachusetts, we’ve advocated for legislation making free and accessible financial literacy education tools available for K-12 teachers, and in 2019 our state adopted a law requiring K-12 financial literacy standards.  This year we are working to incorporate those standards so that EVERY K-12 classroom offers financial literacy for all students.


  • FitMoney joined a team of local banks as a founding partner of the virtual Credit for Life Fair.  Previously hosted as live-events, Credit for Life Fairs allow high school students to build and manage the budget of their future 25-year old selves as they navigate adult choices.  Bringing this event online allowed the program to continue during COVID-19. Between April 2021-June 2021, we hosted 41 virtual fairs, serving over 2,200 students.  Just this month we have launched a mobile app making this event even more accessible to middle and high schools around the nation.  Learn more at our Credit for Life partner site.


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