By Sam Abrahamson, onomy co-founder

Millions of Americans enter adulthood each year, overwhelmed and expected to know so much to navigate life. Everyone on the onomy team experienced this problem first-hand, so we set out to create a single destination that is focused on easing the transition to adulthood.

onomy is a media company bringing adulthood education to the masses. We teach personal finance, career-readiness, and more in collaboration with some of the biggest content creators on social media, all for free.

Nearly 40% of Gen Z is turning to social media content creators to learn how to budget, invest, open retirement accounts, and lots more. onomy is tapping into the best and brightest of that crop to create free courses, podcasts, and other educational content series to teach young adults how to navigate life in a style that is authentic and relatable to them.

All onomy creators have established credibility of their own, from CFPs like Nick Talks Money, to budgeting experts like Taylor Budgets, New York Times Best Sellers like Nomadic Matt, and beyond. onomy has 25+ creators (and counting) on the roster and is bringing millions of young adults to a single, dedicated resource where they can learn about a topic of their choosing either at home or on the go.

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onomy currently has five courses available, including the most recently launched Lazy Investing course taught by Clo Bare Money Coach. With many great content series on the horizon, onomy is only just scratching the surface of what will be a massive content library within months. Some of the highlights of upcoming content series include:

  • Common Financial Misconceptions by Amobi Okugo
  • Building a Money Management System by Break Your Budget
  • Achieving Financial Independence by Nick Talks Money
  • Side Hustles 101 by Arts & Budgets
  • Money Moves to Make in Your 20s by Money to Miles

And much more!

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