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By Rebecca Christensen, Sponsor Relations for Banzai

Banzai is a free platform for online financial literacy used by more than 70,000 teachers throughout the United States, thanks to the sponsorship of over 800 banks and credit unions. Students learn through trial and error with Banzai simulation games and workbooks, preparing for adult life. Teachers use Banzai for its comprehensive curriculum, ease of use, and engaging teaching style. Watch this video to get a quick idea of what we’re all about.

Our Mission: To promote early financial education to better prepare young students with positive money management skills. We do this by continually improving our Banzai software to provide the latest, innovative materials for our teachers to use in their classrooms. We hope Banzai will encourage  students to seek knowledge for their future, sponsors to support their community with a long-term investment, and employees to be proud of the difference we make towards the future of our country.


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

  • Simulation Courses: The bedrock of Banzai is the free simulation courses: Junior (ages 8 to 12), Teen (ages 13 to 18), and Plus (ages 16 and up). All three courses play sort of like the Oregon Trail game. Players can go back and review their decisions, replay to get a different outcome, and experience the consequences of financial decisions, all while saving toward a goal. Junior players run a lemonade stand and have to navigate inventory, income, budgeting, and the money decisions that go along with being a kid trying to have fun. Teen players learn what it’s like to have full-time wages while trying to save for college registration. Plus players learn to protect their credit score while saving toward a down payment for a home. All three courses teach kids to expect trade-offs with each decision, plan for the future, and budget wisely. Banzai is also available in Spanish.


  • Workbooks: Teachers who want to keep the conversation going can order from among three booklets for free that supplement the simulation courses, shipped right to their classroom. The Junior Workbook has a fun card game, money math, crossword puzzle, and prompt for interviewing an adult about personal finance. The Teen and Plus Workbooks challenge students’ comprehension skills, problem solving, application, writing, and vocab skills too!
  • Easy Grading: The teacher interface automatically grades all pre- and post-tests and tracks students’ decisions and progress throughout the game. Teachers get to add as many classes as they want, and all student info is protected, as our software complies with the highest privacy standards, COPPA and FERPA.
  • Wellness Center: Teachers also have complete access to our Banzai Interactive Library, a central repository of detailed articles on personal finance, robust financial calculators, and a virtual financial adviser called the Banzai Coach. Many middle and high-school teachers will find that this resource is a great supplement (even a centerpiece) for financial curriculum. The topics are far-ranging and geared toward adults, which reinforces the real-world nature of their educational value.

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What’s New

  • Internet Safety Course: Within the Internet Safety Course users are presented with hands-on activities of how to spot real-world scams while also being instructed about proper online etiquette. Internet Safety presents the user with step-by-step instructions of how to properly analyze, decipher, and act on key elements of a secure website. This course touches on important online practices such as: keeping information private, password protection, and developing research skills to aid in uncovering shielded attempts that try and trick you into providing sensitive information.
  • More Courses Incoming! We are excited to announce that we have even more free courses in production. Stay tuned!


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It’s officially summer! Students are out of school, but the learning never stops! While classes may no longer be in session, as teachers, educators and caregivers, you may still want the learning to continue.

The Jump$tart Clearinghouse houses hundreds of resources to choose from. Add a little learning to your student’s summer fun. Visit the Clearinghouse today! Together, we are all creating a financially literate future.